[ROM][5.1.1][Shamu] Euphoria-OS

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    [size=18][COLOR=#ff0000]Please note the following:[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    This is a very very very early preview. There's still a lot of work to do.
    Right now, this is pretty much stock AOSP, features will be added when there is time, and we are able to do so!
    Sound and video play back work flawlessly.
    Kernel does not force encryption and will format all data if you flash on top of a forced encryption kernel.
    This means you must backup all internal and SD storage onto a PC. It will wipe data, downloads, pictures, everything!



    Under The Hood
    AOSP Based
    Theme Chooser
    Customize Quick Settings
    Delta Updates
    Disabled tether checking
    IME selector notification control
    Advanced reboot
    Adb notification control
    Adb over network
    Long press back to kill
    CPU info overlay
    Status bar brightness control
    Superuser built into privacy gaurd
    Battery Icons options
    Option to disable lock screen carrier label
    Slim heads up options
    Headsup - don't show if notification drawer is visible
    HeadsUp: Swipe options
    -left swipe dismiss
    -right swipe put into background
    -swipe down opens notification drawer and moves the notification into it
    USB OTG support
    cLock widget
    Notification weather panel
    Disable battery saver bar color
    Dialer - reverse number lookup
    HSPA+ Icons
    Statusbar clock and date customizations

    Increasing volume ringtones
    Increasing ring volume
    Less frequent Notifications
    Long Press Volume Keys to skip track
    Disable volume adjust sound
    Separate Ringtones & Notification volumes
    Expanded Volume Panel

    Navigation bar options - Size & Hide
    Left Handed nav bar in landscape
    Double tap to wake
    Sweep To Wake
    Double tap statusbar to sleep
    Wake on charge
    Keyboard cursor control
    Quick settings quick pulldown
    Long Press recent buttons to switch apps
    Long press back to kill app
    Customize clear all button location

    Privacy guard with advanced app opp control
    Blacklist for calls and sms
    Forward lookup
    Speed dial
    Vibrate on answer

    Updated to material theme
    Pinch and zoom conversation screen
    Custom vibration patterns
    Quick reply
    Delay message timer
    Mms import & export

    Based on HellsKernel
    flar2 wake gestures
    USB FastCharge

    [size=18]Installations Anleitung[/SIZE][/LEFT]
    Installing Euphoria-OS for the first time, or coming from another ROM:
    - Make sure you're running a proper working ClockworkMod-Recovery/Team Win Recovery Project - WITH SELINUX SUPPORT!
    - Copy GApps and ROM ZIP to your SDCard
    - If you are running an encrypted kernel, your data will be encrypted on first boot - Data will also be erased
    - If you are running an unencrypted kernel, your data will remain unencrypted
    - Boot into Recovery
    - Flash Euphoria-OS zip from SDCard
    - Flash GApps zip from SDCard
    - Flash SuperSU
    - Reboot
    - Don't restore system data using Titanium Backup!

    Upgrading from an earlier version
    - Copy the ROM ZIP to your SDCard
    - Boot into Recovery
    - Flash the ROM zip from SDCard
    - Reboot
    Known Issues
    **Sprint data not working. Flash this fix on initial flash with ROM

    Thanks to:
    First and most important thanks to Mahdi786
    blazze11 - for bootanimation and drawables
    TechXero for letting us use his server
    eurochild - for providing us awesome graphics
    hellsgod - for providing hells as our kernel base

    Follow Us!

    Euphoria-OS Site | Android File Host | Android File Sharing | Basketbuild

    Changelog- Latest Version
    Changelog Full

    dsmitty166, Mahdi786, manelscout4life, teeseeuu, eurochild
    Source Code:https://github.com/Euphoria-OS

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.1 Lollipop
    Based On: AOSP

    [COLOR=#ff0000]Wie immer übernehmen wir (Android-Port.de, der Entwickler, Ich oder andere User) keine Garantie in einem Falle des Bricks/defekts eures Gerätes.
    ALLES geschieht auf eigene Gefahr, daher schaltet euren Kopf an und handelt mit Bedacht.[/COLOR]


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  • Update auf beta 0.4 verfügbar.


  • Neue euphoria erhältlich!

    Zitat XDA @dsmitty166:

    Doink!! Hello!! New goodies are here.

    Build is also in the AFH folder now. Currently uploading to basketbuild as well.

    You can also find the download link from the current ota app

    Changelog 1-2

    Replace clear all button with a fab button
    Add bottom left & right options for clear all apps button
    Battery style fix dynamic percentage settings
    Quick Settings auto collapse
    Headsup button in status bar header
    Materialize Volume Panel animation
    Add haptic feedback to quick settings toggles
    Quick Settings long press support
    Swap volume buttons when screen is rotated
    Power connect/disconnect notification support
    Keep volume keys quiet when waking device
    Fix Volume key music controls and wakeup
    Fix memory leak when screen-off
    Disable root by default
    Updated translations

    Kernel Shamu:
    Nexus 6: USB fastcharge only with SDP connection

    msm_thermal: throttle cpu freq at high temps
    Enable intelli_plug
    leanKernel v1.4
    Faux Sound

  • Neue Version seit heute erhältlich!



    Audiofx new launcher icon
    Add screenrecorder
    Updated Spanish German and French translations
    Remove superuser
    Add root access to app ops
    su: Add an indicator when a 'su' session is active
    Ability to hide su indicator in statusbar
    Scramble pin on lockscreen
    Settings: option to ignore the last app when clearing recents
    ColorFade: Cleanup changes for memory leak patch
    base: fix battery stats wakelock crazyness
    QS: fix tiles not being refreshed on overscrolling
    Smooth Spinners: Makes the loading "spinner" animation smoother
    power: Add CPU boosting interface
    Cleanup battery style code
    Add Fade in and Fade out effect to Recents clear all
    Add global scramble pin layout setting.

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  • Also, hab die Rom drauf...hatte aber root-Probleme. konnte keinen root erlangen, obwohl im Changelog steht, das root access in app-ops drin sei...von daher habe ich SuperSU nach geflasht und somit wieder alle Verhältnisse mit root-app.

    Sonst aber läuft alles wie beschrieben.

  • Ein großes Update der Rom ist unterwegs.
    Die letzten Tests laufen wohl noch.

    Quote from dsmitty166;58179787

    Big update coming tonight guys, sorry it's been a little while, been working hard to resolve server issues.

    I could use a few people to test and make sure that Netflix isn't broke in latest build. I did a lot of changes, some with Drm, but I can't test Netflix, hit me up you guys can help

  • Und da ist das Update auch schon.

    Gesendet von meinem Nexus 6

  • It's update Time!!!

    Gesendet von meinem Nexus 6

  • Hab ein Problem mit dem Theme Engine. Hab die aktuelle Version von Euphoria (29.1.) . Hab das Euphoria Dark Theme. Allerdings sind die Benachrichtigungen beim runter ziehen weiß anstatt blau. Beim oneplus sind sie blau, also kann es nicht am Theme liegen. Jemand eine Idee, wie ich das beheben könnte?

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